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With temperatures dropping, there’s no reason you can’t have breath taking outdoor photos in a vintage wedding dress! Shop Magnolia Bridal today!
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Baby It’s Cold Outside: A Guide to Winter Weddings

Baby It’s Cold Outside: A Guide to Winter Weddings

Nothing is more picturesque than a winter wedding; the magical, wintry landscape of sleighs and flannel, rosy cheeks, and a roaring fire! With the temperatures dropping, there’s no reason you can’t have breath taking outdoor photos in a vintage wedding dress. To keep shivering to a minimal, there are items you can select to stay a balmy bride!

In warmer seasons, it’s true, a bride’s dress is the star of the show, so for colder climate weddings you’ll need a covering just as classic and gorgeous as your gown.

The vintage bride

For a timeless, vintage look, fur is always going to be a bride’s go-to item. For especially chilly temperatures, a bride may want to opt for a full length fur jacket. A hooded fur coat brings in an added mystique; a red riding hood of the forest! You can coordinate the color of your coat with your wedding colors. A white coat is classic, but brown and grey also great choices.

A fur cape or wrap is also exceptional for winter weddings and for temperatures that are a bit more mild. A more modern or alternate choice for a fur wrap, are feathers!

The classic bride

A classic bride errs on the side of enduring style, just as Jackie O. or Audrey Hepburn would fashion. An embellished cropped cape made of tailored wool, a Bolero from structured silk, a  shrug of embroidered lace, or well-knitted sweater with pearls accessorize it.

If you’re a classic bride, but prefer a more modern look, go for a structured tailored blazer or cropped blazer in a beautiful, bright color!  

The Bohemian Bride

When a flowing wrap isn’t quite the right look, a 20s piano shawl pairs perfectly with the wildflowers and abundant braids! A Pendleton shawl is an iconic touch for a ranch style wedding on horseback.

Velvet is also making a comeback in wedding trends, so a beautifully colored velvet wrap, burnout, or jacket would compliment any boho wedding! Fringed velvet is a perfect touch of elegance and class!

The non-traditional bride

A lace colored top is on-trend for the 2018 wedding season and is perfect for the non-traditional bride, or you can stun your guests with a metallic leather bomber jacket in rose gold! If you’re into more of a classic, but still edgy look, try a black leather moto jacket!

Warmth beyond the cover up

The coat or cover up is what the guests will see before anything and it acts as both fashion and function for winter weddings. If you’re still concerned about warmth, there are a couple more tips beyond the jacket!


Incorporate liners into into your wedding day wardrobe. Have a seamstress sew a nude lining into your dress, and even your lingerie! A lining is very common in winter weddings and helps the bride stay toasty while keeping the lining hidden.

Shoes for all conditions

Having at least two pairs of shoes for your wedding, one for the wedding and one for pictures is important. If you plan on taking pictures outside in the snow, procuring boots is a must. You don’t necessarily have to wear them for pictures, however, between shoots they will keep your tootsies toasty!

A winter hairstyle

Updos are pretty common and traditional in weddings today, but you may want to opt for a half updo or leave your hair completely down for added warmth.  

Warm heart, but colds hands

Don’t forget about your hands in the frosty weather! Delicate leather gloves or a fur hand warmer would be a perfect addition, or seen more common, pockets in wedding dresses!

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