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When shopping for a wedding dress, there are many things that may come as a surprise to you. Make sure you’re prepared with these questions.
Wedding Dresses: I Wish I Would Have Known
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Bridal Gown Shopping Surprises

Bridal Gown Shopping Surprises

Beautiful Bridal Gowns From Magnolia BoutiqueI wish I would Have Known: A Bride’s Gown Hunting Tale

When we finally hear the magic words,” will you marry me?” We are elated. We’ve found the person we want to say, “ I do,” to and from then on it’s nothing but planning. For some, the planning aspect of getting married might come to them in the form of stress. But for many others, it’s an exciting time, and for those of us that are “planners,” it’s a lot of fun as well.  One part of getting ready for your wedding day is choosing your wedding gown. It’s an exciting time that every girl dreams of and many women plan big for this day.

But while wedding dress shopping is a great experience, it can be made a lot better by knowing just how to go about it. Here we will discuss all of the things future brides wish they knew, before they started their hunt for their wedding dress.

Bridal Boutique Surprises

  • How high the cost would be – Oftentimes, brides are somewhat aware of the cost of a wedding dress, but are still blind sided when they look at the cost for the dress of their dreams. When creating your budget, search out the best and worst case scenarios when searching for a wedding dress.
  • Try on the dress more than once – If you find a dress that you’re on the fence about, give it another try after having seen the look of the other wedding gowns. 
  • Be Open – Be open to different styles. Wedding gowns can look better than you might have previously thought.

Stay tuned to our next blog for even more things that you should know before you go wedding dress shopping.MagnoliaFavicon


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