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When searching for the wedding dress for you big day, you want to know what style to look for. Get to know what you want before your fitting.
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Different Wedding Dress Styles To Choose From

Different Wedding Dress Styles To Choose From

With social media apps like pinterest or instagram, we have access to hundreds of styles and designs of wedding gowns right at the tip of our fingers. So as you begin to search for your wedding dress, you’ll want to know what to look for, or at least what the style is called. We want to help you understand your own preferences, so we’re going to lay out some bridal gown terms and styles that will help you refine your search for your perfect bridal gown.

Dress Styles

  • Mermaid Gown – A mermaid gown is a style the hugs your silhouette from the bust down to the mid calf, at which point the bottom flares out over the feet, creating the look that a mermaid has.
  • Princess Gown – This type of wedding dress is exactly what it sounds like. It’s much bigger and boisterous, and certainly calls attention to the bride. With the top half of the gown being form fitted, sometimes looking heart shaped, and then drapes out and down over the rest of your figure.
  • Empire Waist Gown – An empire waist wedding dress is a great dress for an elegant wedding. As it hugs the top of your figure, it exposes the collarbone and shoulders, and slinks down the rest of your body for a loose but classy look.

While there are many styles and genres of wedding dresses, these are some of the most popular and common styles. If any of these styles excite you, and you would like to try on wedding gowns to see which will best fit you, we encourage you to schedule a fitting with our Bridal boutique today, so that we can get you into wedding gown of your dreams.

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