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When Is the Best Time to Shop for Wedding Dresses?

Finding the Right Wedding Gown at the Right Time Hurray! The time has finally come for you to begin planning for your wedding. Of the many things you have to prepare for, finding your perfect wedding dress has to be one of the most important...

What to Pack in Your Emergency Beauty Kit on The Big Day

Wedding Day Survival Pack The day has finally arrived. You have your bridal gown and bridal party dresses in line, you have everything catered and the venue is ready to go. Friends and family have gathered to celebrate you and the love of your life joining...

How To Choose A Wedding Dress

Choosing The Perfect Bridal Gown So, the time has come for you to choose your wedding dress. You’ve done everything else, from booking the venue, caterer, cake designer and have chosen your flowers and photographer. While there are still many things that need to be done,...