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The history of wedding gowns can be a great inspiration for finding the perfect dress for your big day. Find your dream gown at Magnolia Bridal today!
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Wedding Dress History

Wedding Dress History

The tradition of marriage has changed many times over the centuries. At one point following the middle ages, marriage wasn’t a romantic union, it was generally a union of two families for business or political reasons. Both families saw the marriage as a gain for their social status and would join forces to create a family with high social status or high political influence. These days, weddings are a union of love and companionship, but both eras share one similarity: they both present a bride wearing a beautiful wedding gown. Why is this?

One thing that has held true throughout the centuries is that every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. In the 19th century, a bride that looked her best was representing the social status of her family, and families wanted to present the bride in her best attire. At this time, it was more common to wear richer colors that represented wealth such as blue and red, but never green. Green was a color of “bad luck,” while blue represented purity and beauty. In eastern cultures, wedding dresses are traditionally red, as this is a color that represents good luck.

As times moved closer to the 21st century, the color white became a representation of wealth and purity. Brides began to wear lavish white gowns that were made of multiple materials and layers of cloth, as yet another way to represent affluence in a family.

Throughout the centuries, brides have dressed their very best on their wedding day. Whether your wedding gown is lavish or not, you’ll look your best when you choose a dress from our bridal boutique in San Diego. Come shop at Magnolia Bridal now and get the wedding gown of your dreams.

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