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When in search of the perfect wedding dress, make sure you do some research on the do’s and don’t’s of wedding gown shopping. Make your own list today!
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Wedding Dress Surprises Continued

Wedding Dress Surprises Continued

The finest Wedding Dresses In San Diego Are At Magnolia Bridal Boutique

I Wish I Would Have Known: A Bride’s Gown Hunting Tale Part II

Welcome back! Thanks for joining us again.

In our last blog, we started talking about the journey that many women embark on when they begin their hunt for the perfect wedding dress. While this time can be an extremely fun and exciting (as it should be), it can also be a stressful time full of surprises. So we’re going to continue examining the accounts of brides past, so that we can get an idea of what not to do, and everything we should be doing as well.

When you were bridal gown shopping, what did you find out?

     When I was searching for my wedding dress I realized I was focused on a lot of the wrong things. Rather than asking questions about prices or anything, I simply focused on the fun of shopping for my wedding dress.

What did you learn that you wished you had known before choosing your wedding gown?

    Well I learned that alterations aren’t always included in the price. A lot of the times, you think because you’re buying a dress from a shop, that they’ll include the seamstress. But you find out pretty quick that the two are not exclusive. You pay for the dress, and you pay for the service. It makes sense now.

What bit of advice would you offer to current brides in search of their wedding dress?

    Make sure you bring the right things with you. At my first shopping experience, I didn’t wear the right undergarments, nor did I bring high heels with me. Having both of those things with me when I shopped the second time around was really helpful.


Bridal Gowns from the classiest bridal boutique in San Diego. Consider making a list of questions to ask your friends, family, and of course your local bridal boutique, for the greatest of ease when finding your wedding gown. Stay tuned to our next blog for even more accounts of brides past.

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