Magnolia Bridal Boutique | Bridal Boutique San Diego: Packing Your Emergency Beauty Kit
As a part of getting ready for your big day, be sure to pack an emergency wedding beauty kit to ensure that you’re wedding dress looks great on the big day.
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What to Pack in Your Emergency Beauty Kit on The Big Day

What to Pack in Your Emergency Beauty Kit on The Big Day

Wedding Day Survival Pack

The day has finally arrived. You have your bridal gown and bridal party dresses in line, you have everything catered and the venue is ready to go. Friends and family have gathered to celebrate you and the love of your life joining hands in marriage everything is falling into place. While everything has run smoothly thus far, it’s important to be prepared for any disaster, especially fashion problems. To avoid being unprepared, be sure to bring an emergency beauty kit to help handle any issues you may come across. Here’s what your beauty kit should include for your wedding day.

Packing Your Beauty Kit

Trying to prepare for the unknown can be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of products for you to include in your kit so you don’t miss a thing.

Mini Sewing Kit

You never know what might happen with your wedding dress so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared with a mini sewing kit complete with needles, threads, extra buttons and safety pins.


We’re sure you’ll be getting all the waxes you need to feel perfect on your wedding day, but you never know when one little hair will derail the whole look. Make sure you have a trusty pair of tweezers with you to ensure you can pluck that little bugger.

Stain Remover Pen

Having a Tide to Go will come in handy should anything get on your wedding gown or bridesmaid’s gowns at all. Nothing is worse than a splotch on a beautiful white gown.

White Chalk

If the stain remover fails, white chalk can be a great fall-back. It can cover up the stain a bit and can even absorb some of the moisture. It’s a perfect solution to a terrible disaster.

Hair Ties and Bobby Pins

These emergency hair tools will help ensure that your hair is put together for the whole night, regardless of what happens.

Hair Spray and Dry Shampoo

Obviously, your hair stylist will ensure that your hair is plenty secure with hairspray, but keeping a mini sized one in a purse the whole night will help you touch up after tearing it up on the dance floor. If you start to sweat, dry shampoo is a great option for making sure that your hair looks fresh and clean, not greasy and dirty.


Wedding days can be stressful, especially when you have hair and makeup to do for the whole bridal party. Why not take the edge off with your bridesmaids by packing some emergency shooters for when things get really stressful.

Lint Rollers

You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day, so don’t let pesky little hairs and dust make you look like anything less. It’ll help keep your bridal gown and bridesmaid’s dresses looking perfectly pristine.

Be sure to come well equipped on the big day!

Magnolia Bridal Gowns

If you haven’t found your wedding dress quite yet and are looking for a great experience with your wedding gown shopping don’t hesitate to visit our bridal boutique in San Diego. Get set up with a consultation and get ready for the day you’ve been dreaming of!

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