Magnolia Bridal Boutique | Bridal Boutique San Diego: Timing Your Fitting
When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, it’s important to consider the following things. Take these tips from our bridal boutique in San Diego for best results.
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When Is the Best Time to Shop for Wedding Dresses?

When Is the Best Time to Shop for Wedding Dresses?

Finding the Right Wedding Gown at the Right Time

Hurray! The time has finally come for you to begin planning for your wedding. Of the many things you have to prepare for, finding your perfect wedding dress has to be one of the most important things you’ll do in preparation for the big day. Because you’re a newbie at this, it might be hard to know where to start, and more importantly when. Is there a best time of year to try and find a wedding dress? Is there a point in my planning that makes it most ideal? How do I know what the best timeline is or how much time I should allot for alterations? There are tons of questions to be asked, but fortunately for you, there are tons of answer as well. Here are some tips for planning to shop for your wedding gown.

You Might Want to Wait a Bit

While we think you’re already beautiful enough, it’s important that you think so too. For many brides, one of the biggest priorities is losing weight before choosing a dress. Many of us have an idea of what type of dress we want, but we also believe that we’ve got to get in a little better shape before we truly choose. If you’re one of those women that want to get fit before choosing a dress, your best bet is to wait three months after your engagement to start looking. Not only does this give you enough time to lose weight, but it gives you enough time to ensure your alterations will be done before the big day.

Sales or Events

Keep an eye out for events at bridal boutiques for sales or specials. These boutique sales offer some of the greatest prices on some of the best bridal gowns you could find anywhere. Never scoff or turn your nose up at a clearance tag for your wedding dress, no one has to know the price of the beauty the graces you on your big day.

When Your Budget is Ready

You might not have been ready for the proposal, so your budget might not be ready either. Take some time to save up some money so you can truly get the wedding gown of your dreams.

When There’s an Appointment Available at a Bridal Boutique Near You

Oftentimes, getting scheduled for a fitting at a bridal boutique is fairly easy, but there is always that chance that the time you’re ready to get your fitting, the boutique may be completely booked. Not to worry, simply schedule a fitting with their next available appointment, and continue to look for your wedding dress in other places as well.

Things to Be Aware Of

There are a lot of things to be considered when it comes to making sure that you’re giving yourself the right amount of time to get your wedding dress, here are a couple fore warnings to think about.

Don’t Lose Too Much Weight

Let’s say that you’ve really hit the gym and meal planning hard in order to look your absolute best in your wedding gown. First of all, we want to say good for you and congratulations. But some brides end up going a little too far. They come into the bridal boutique, find the wedding dress of their dreams and the alterations are complete. They come in for the final fitting only to find that they’ve lost too much weight and their dress needs to be taken in even more. Once you get your measurements set for your wedding dress, do you best to maintain the same hips, waist, and bust so you don’t have to worry about your dress being ready in time.

If you’re looking for a bridal boutique that will provide you with timely alterations, great choices in wedding gowns, and a personalized experience, don’t hesitate to contact Magnolia Bridal for a wedding dress fitting today.

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